We are Renovo – The Automation Company

Renvo the innovator in the payment and document processing business.

Our skilled team of software and process engineers provide us with the unique ability to help businesses process & archive payments and documents efficiently streamlining activities around; Check21, Lockbox, Remittance Processing, Merchant Services and Integrated Remote Deposit Capture.

Our simplistic approach to improving the remittance process is focused on identifying only those businesses that can benefit from our experience and expertise. Below is a summary of how we help you determine the effectiveness of what you currently do and if we can be of assistance:

  1. Preliminary Process Assessment (In a short time, we can agree if there is a potential business fit between our two organizations)
  2. On-site Workflow Analysis (A more detailed process map will be developed with identified improvement opportunities)
  3. Renovo will provide you with a solution recommendation, business impact opportunities and references you can call to ensure our reliability

We are a Business Process Automation Company

Automation – the technique, method, or system of operating a process by highly automatic means, programmatically, reducing the human intervention to a minimum.

Engineering (In context of business) – is the analysis and redesign of workflows within and between enterprises in order to optimize end-to-end processes and automate non-value-added tasks.

Renovo’s overall goals of remittance process streamlining are to identify opportunities to leverage industry leading technology that leads to impacting your organization’s bottom-line.

Many of today’s businesses if not most are spending as much as 300% more than they should within their remittance processing departments.

At Renvo we work every day with organizations just like yours to help them automate and provide them with a very short return of investment.

The Impact of Automation of Lockbox & Remittance Processing with PayData

  • Eliminate Workarounds and reduce process time by as much as 70%
  • Increased quality of operations by providing high quality images, intuitive user interface, increased CAR/LAR read rate and embedded workflow
  • Reduce processing costs by as much as 200% – ROI realized quickly
  • Eliminates stress and improves work environment and employee satisfaction
  • A secure investment; PayData is refreshed as technology and requirements change

Renvo’s Engineering Protects your Investment

  • Standard (non-custom) software implementation allows for easy implementation, workflow flexibility and risk mitigation.
  • In addition to HTTPS, A unique layer of encryption provides total security throughout PayData.
  • Auditing requirements become easy to manage with built in activity reports for all operator and system functions.
  • Standard software reduces risks; as features implemented for any customer becomes standard for all customers. Regulation driven/other changes are responded to quickly with a standard update to all customers.

Renovo Guarantees a Positive Impact on your business!

  • We jointly create a process map and assessment of your current process.
  • Renovo builds a process map based on your teams input.
  • Then achieve ROI based on recommendations.