Unsurpassed Security

  • Renovo provides a unique layer of encryption in addition to HTTPS

Renovo’s Proprietary software

  • All software is developed and maintained in the USA by Renovo
  • The only software licensed from a 3rd party is recognition software (e.g. CAR/LAR/OCR/TEXT etc.)

PayData’s strict development methodology protects your investment!

  • Standardized/non-custom software design incorporates functionality for 14 vertical markets
  • All software except for 3rd party recognition software is developed and maintained by Renovo
  • Designed for extensibility
  • Built on Microsoft .NET Framework
  • PayData is a combination of Windows services and browser-based applications
  • All user interfaces are browser-based
  • SQL back-end database (2012 or later)
  • Windows Server (2012 or later)
  • Flexible development practices for quick response to customer needs (e.g. a regulation change).
  • Automated publishing with strict version controls.
  • Automated installation and upgrades

Single Sign-on

  • All functions accessed through on menu.

100% Browser-Based

  • Operator functions can take place at any authorized location and no installation is required on any operator workstation other than the scanning station (i.e. “ScanMan”).

PayData’s standard/non-custom implementation provide readiness & flexibility and eliminates risk

  • PayData is a standardized/non-custom software (all features are generically implemented) solution for business that is refreshed as technology advances.
  • Standard software reduces risks as features implemented for any customer is included in the system for all customers. Any regulation/other change can be responded to quickly with a standard update to all customers.

Designed to operate in many diverse business sectors

  • PayData’s generic design and implementation allows multiple customers of multiple business sectors to be supported on the same system.
  • For every industry and organization there is a unique set of requirements and our realized charter is to be able to configure and support all of the following business sectors on a single system.

PayData Addresses the Risk Associated with Custom Software

  • What is it called when organizations continue to invest in custom software to address changes in their business requirements, compliance or enhancements in their workflow? When this happens organizations are many times forced to invest financially in software that may actually be obsolete; this is what we at Renovo call “Software Rot.” To continue to invest many times is just a quick fix and will usually require additional investments in the future and may never really meet the performance levels that were originally anticipated!
  • Before you invest more into custom software that will never really address your business objectives, let Renovo share with you how we have been able to replace aged software with a generic non-custom software solution where “Software Rot” will never be an issue.