Proven Scalability – No volume is too small or too large

  • The Largest customer processes over 2.6 million items on peak days.
  • Smallest customer processes about 75 items per week.

Remote Deposit Capture – RDC Deposit Processing

  • PayData RDC Plus™ provides all standard RDC functionality plus unique labor-saving features, including
    • On-the-fly host updates thereby minimizing the time between batches.
  • RDC Plus™ is built into our Remittance/Lockbox & Document Scanning solution; thereby providing benefits from all the features of the base PayData platform, such as:
    • RDC plus WholeSale, Retail & WholeTail Scanning
    • Real-Time Dashboard Monitoring
    • Reporting
    • Extensive Business Rules
    • Exception Handling

Reduce Your Fixed Operating Cost with Renovo’s Funnel

  • PayData Electronic Funnel eliminates headers, Post Office boxes and the associated cost and sorting time of Retail and WholeTail accounts.
  • Eliminates the time, labor and cost of managing headers.
  • PayData electronically Sorts plus Auto-Flips & Auto-Rotates items
  • Eases Home Owner Association (HOA) processing

100% Browser-Based Solution

  • Operator functions can take place at any authorized location and no installation is required on any operator workstation other than the scanning station (i.e. “ScanMan”).

Provide Operations and Customers with the Highest Quality Images

  • Process light, gel-pen and busy documents with excellent results.
  • Eliminates re-scans
  • Eliminates pulls

Lower & Control Budget with PayData’s SAAS pricing

  • Priced as a one-time entry fee plus fixed monthly amount for support, upgrades and generic enhancements.

Image-Based Exception Management

  • Eliminates manual copying/re-scanning & other workarounds
  • Full auditing

Greatly reduce your keying time and Deposit window with PayData’s Outstanding CAR/LAR Read & Kill Rates

  • Proven actual ≈ 96 % read rate (for Retail Renewals)
  • Proven actual ≈ 94 % kill rate (for Retail Renewals)

Lower Your Operating Cost with Extremely Low Exceptions & Rejects

  • The number of Exceptions is dependent upon business rules (i.e. Stop payments, Customer interaction required, etc.)
  • The number of rejects are dependent upon damaged items before or during scanning as well as upon business rules

Insure Productivity and Readiness with easy to use User and Architecture monitoring tools

  • Monitor with few staff using a single “Dashboard” (for all capture sites and data center functions).

Scalable has been proven with volumes of a few items a week to millions per day

  • Largest bank customer processes over 1.2 million items on peak days
  • Smallest charity customer processes about 75 items per week
  • Short transaction latency thereby accelerating deposits

Monitor System Wellness with complete Dashboard Monitoring of all system functions

  • State and health of PayData services from a single dashboard
  • What users are logged-in and where
  • CAR/LAR rates, total and per scanner
  • OCR rates per scanner
  • CHADD items & rates, total, per scanner type and per scanner
  • Disk available for images
  • Status of transactions and batches
  • Audit Information
  • Summary of item progress through workflow (e.g. captured and batched in current day, current exceptions, waiting to be keyed, suspended, etc.)

Monitor Scanner Quality and Trends of all Scanners, type of Scanner and individual scanner

  • CAR/LAR Rates, OCR from Image Rates, Kill Rates, Change of Address (CHADD) Effectiveness, Exceptions, Bad Images, Bad Files, and more…

Eliminate Work-Arounds with PayData’s Quality Images

  • Busy Items including pictures, are easy to read
  • Lightly-printed Items like Money Orders and old invoices are easy to read
  • Gel-Pin written items are very visible

Full Credential Controls with SSO support

  • Administrator control of all “Sites,” “Groups,” “Accounts,” “Functions,” “Type of Transactions,” and “Exception Types (e.g. Wires, Bankruptcy, etc.)” with PayData‘s Single Sign On (SSO) credential management system.

Manage Exceptions without slowing down Deposits

  • Eliminate slow process of pulling or re-scanning of paper-based non-auditable exceptions. Process them without re-scanning or pulling with PayData’s fully-featured image-based exception management system where all operations are fully audited.

Obtain Identifiable Audit information of all system functions

  • System auditing is provided for all user, software functions and system functions.

Increase Your Services into many diverse business sectors

  • Increase your market footprint with PayData’s multi-industry solution

Protect Your Business and your customer’s business with Extensive HOT FILE Support

  • Negative and positive hot files support. Multiple hot file validations can be applied to the same items.

Increase Efficiency and Reduce your cost with No Work-Around Architecture

  • 100% image-based operation through-out the entire system
  • No out-sorting is required during scanning
  • No pulling items is required (except damaged items.
  • MICR, OCR, Barcode and TEXT Reading
  • Optional (with license) of full-text read is useful in document scanning and in Remittance/Lockbox for finding text like “Return” or “Close”.
  • Operators can invoke Barcode, OCR, MICR and text recognition via on-screen highlighting.

Duplicate Prevention Eliminates negative business impact

  • Duplicate detection and resolution

Production and multiple Test Regions supported on the same hardware

  • “Feature Test,” “Volume Test” and “Production” operational regions are supported.

Extensive Error Handling and Reporting

  • Extensive system error-handing & logging is provided to monitor and diagnose customer environments.

Minimize Manual Look-ups with PayData’s Account History System

  • Easy Check Only transactions with support to recover fields (e.g. Customer Account Number) from previously entered fields and scanned coupons.

Process diverse transactions with PayData’s Enhanced Special Processing

  • Ability to efficiently process “Special Processing” type (e.g. “Bankruptcy,” “Wires,” “Splits,” “Debits/Credit with signed balancing logic,” “Cash Tickets,” “Charge Off,” “Commissions and Fees” etc.)

Automate all your work with Extensive Transaction Processing Types

  • Full support for all the following with or without embedded envelopes and correspondence
    • Statements (Coupons) Only
    • Statements (Coupons) &  Payments (Checks)
    • Payments (Checks) Only
    • Correspondence Only
    • Payment (Check) & List
    • RDC Deposit
  • Ability to assign/re-assign a payment’s type (e.g. GL Credit)“
  • Ability to split a transaction into a multiple transaction (e.g. Customer pays for two or more account with a single remittance).
  • Ability to copy/move correspondence images across split transactions
  • Envelope images are automatically copied across split transactions
  • All system functions give enhanced context tracking information
  • Ability to assign a transaction to a Special Processing type (e.g. Bankruptcy)
  • Ability to mark an item as a CHADD

Eliminate Manual Keying with on-demand MICR, OCR, Barcode and TEXT Reading

  • Optional (with license) of full-text read is useful in document scanning and in Remittance/Lockbox for finding text like “Return” or “Close”.
  • Operators can invoke automatic OCR, MICR, Barcode and text recognition via on-screen highlighting

Maintain accurate address information with PayData’s Change of Address Detection (CHADD)

  • CHADD actual rates and false positive rates are reported.
  • False positives are minimal.
  • Both or either side of the document.

Insure Depositibility with PayData’s robust Multi-Bank Check 21 Deposit

  • Since the enactment of Check21 Renovo has enabled our system to interface with the format of banking institutions of our clients. We are compatible with the top banks in the country as well as smaller regional banks that our clients have relationships with. Due to our design, it is simple to add banks to our Check21 solution as our Clients expand their relationships.
  • Banks Supported Include:

    • Bank of America
    • The Bank of Georgia
    • Bank of River Oaks
    • Bank of The West
    • BB&T
    • Chase
    • Comerica Bank
    • Compass Bank
    • Enterprise Bank
    • First Victoria
    • FISERV
    • Founders Bank
    • Jack Henry
    • Independence Bank
    • Mercantil Commerce Bank
    • Metro Bank
    • Moody National Bank
    • M&F Bank
    • M&I Bank
    • M&T Bank
    • SunTrust
    • Wachovia
    • Wells Fargo and more.

Summary of Advantages

  • Reduce Stress to almost zero
  • Experience dramatic reduction in your operating cost
  • Get advanced features desirable by Treasury Management
  • Eliminate workarounds and pre-sorts
  • Greatly reduce manual preparation before scanning
  • Get full auditing and exception reporting
  • Experience outstanding quality, read rates and kill rates
  • Be effective with an all image-based exception management system
  • Operate large high performance sites with complete monitoring
  • Experience exceptional functionality
  • Eliminate risk with generic implementation (no custom code)
  • Provide exceptional image quality to your customers
  • Eliminate manual pulls except damaged items
  • Virtually reduce re-scans to zero with our image quality and advanced workflow
  • Reduce risk with certified generic development