AAA Carolinas

“Cathy Thompson of AAA Carolinas sums it up by saying “WOW”.

City of Greensboro

“PayData has provided outstanding customer service for the City of Greensboro since 2000.
Technical support is always a major concern for us and it is reassuring to know that we can always rely on the support staff at Renovo to be available when needed and to follow through until the issue is completely resolved!”

City of Norfolk

Renvo has superior customer service unmatched by any other vendor we currently use in the City Treasurer’s Office of Norfolk Virginia.We having been using Renovo’s PayData for almost 10 years now and are very satisfied with Renovo’s products and support.


“When it comes to Remittance Processing PayData does the tough stuff.” said Daniel “Bo” Minogue, Imaging Product Manager

College Foundation

“Renovo has great people. They are knowledgeable, patient when working with our staff, and give us excellent customer support.” “PayData’s Archive has proved to be a great tool when researching payment posting inquires.”

United Charitable

“Renovo has given United Charitable Programs the ability to process more donation checks online without adding manpower.
The software is user-friendly and the customer service team is kind and efficient.
We are so grateful to Renovo because their product has given UCP the ability to cut cost and become more efficient.”

Stonegate Bank

“Stonegate Bank, formerly Florida Shores Bank has utilized the Renovo’s PayData product for the past 7 years. We have successfully grown our lockbox line of business by taking advantage of the many features their product offers.”
“Recently we have decided to work directly with the Renovo’s team rather than through our core provider. Now that we have direct access to Renovo we realize what outstanding customer service and technical support they provide.”
“We can rely on them to be available if we need them and they are proactive in helping resolve any requests we have. They are very willing to take our suggestions into consideration in order for their product to exceed our needs.”
“Thank you Renovo for providing great service!”


“I would much rather work with Renovo as a vendor than any other vendor. Renovo is responsive and is the only vendor I have seen who shares. ideas on better ways to do things.

I have been with the Bank for years so I have had to deal with a lot of vendors and the relationship with Renovo is such a pleasure.

In my experience, the usual responses I get from other vendors is “Sorry, the software doesn’t work like that”, Or, “We’re not going to change it.”

We have worked very well with Renovo and we believe the product is better because of this type of relationship.”