The follow describes the key PayData innovations and how they improve processing

Steps in the Process Key PayData Process Innovations to Consider
Post Office Box or Postal Delivery
  • PayData provides features which will allow the adjustment/reduction in Post Office Boxes to improve delivery, reduce PO sorting error and reduce cost.
Payment Opening and Sorting
  • PayData simplifies the opening and reduces/eliminates sorts. As a result the following is not required::
    • Sorting documents based on where the OCR line is located on the coupon.
    • Adjusting scanners based on where the OCR line is located on the coupon.
    • Creating substitute documents when an account number is actually on one of the items (e.g. check). PayData lookup provides the account number using history information and builds a scan line without having to create a substitute document.
    • Physically/Manually profiling Payment Only transactions.
    • Annotating the amount on money orders or other types of payments in preparation for scanning.
      • Busy Items including pictures, are easy to read
      • Lightly-printed Items like Money Orders and old invoices are easy to read
      • Gel-Pin written items are very visible
    • Sorting in preparation of downstream processes.
    • Moving paper to another departments to process exceptions.
  • PayData has a built-in barcode/text reader to gather account information.
  • PayData Exception Management System processes payments that would normally require special handing.
Document Scanning
  • PayData measures scanner performance.
  • PayData does not require out-sort exception items during scanning.
  • PayData does not require re-scanning exceptions or moving them to exception batches.
  • PayData automatically flips and/or rotates items that would normally create processing exceptions.
  • PayData has a built-in barcode/text reader to gather account information.
Document Classification
  • PayData distinguishes between expected items and foreign items.
  • PayData provides an advanced classification solution.
  • PayData manages foreign payments.
CAR/LAR/OCR/MICR/ Text/Barcode Capture and Roping
  • PayData’s built-in OCR, MICR, Barcode, and text readers eliminates/saves keystrokes and reduces errors.
  • PayData provides remote access to the end-users/customers with two-way electronic notes, without holding up other items.
Change of Address and handwriting detection
  • PayData distinguishes between items which do not have handwriting and those with handwriting within the normal process.
  • PayData detects customer notations or other requests in transactions.
  • PayData provide a Change of Address system to review changes of address and handwriting with its workflow.
  • PayData does not required manually searching documents to find and end-user customer request (e.g. AAA club member indicated that they want to gift a membership on the document by the customer).
Operator functions
  • PayData removes the risk of losing your customer’s items that is prone to systems that depend upon paper in the workflow processes.
  • PayData credential system you can assign simple functions to more complex as operators become more proficient.
Exception Management
  • PayData’s feature-rich Exception Management System allows the processing of exceptions without having to rescan or delete them.
  • PayData Exception Management System securely provides submission of exceptions directly to your customer/client along with a two-way electronic sticky notes.
  • PayData eliminates the need to move paper around in order to process normal or exception work.
  • PayData Exception Management System allows the suspension of transactions while you gather customer/3rd party information.
  • PayData manages your SLA requirements.
  • PayData can be configured to allow batching/depositing of items that are ready for deposit without having to wait for exceptions items.
  • PayData manages items that cannot be deposited electronically (e.g. (non-Check21 items, Foreign Checks, etc.).
  • PayData check21 deposits exceptions are few to none.
Archive & Research
  • PayData includes a robust archive for you, your customer and to your customer’s customer. PayData’s archive provides:
    • Searching on any field.
    • Searching on plain text.
    • Downloading of intra-day deposit, transmission and report data.
    • High quality images.
General System
  • PayData is based on advanced technology.
  • PayData users (in accordance with credentials) can login from anywhere.
  • PayData detects duplicates and a method to resolve them.
  • PayData provides full credential controls with Single-Sign-On (“SSO”) support to administrator control of all “Sites,” “Groups,” “Accounts,” “Functions,” “Type of Transactions,” and “Exception Types (e.g., Wires, Bankruptcy, etc.)”.
  • PayData is designed to respond to regulatory or other changes required by your organization quickly.
  • PayData provides a Single Sign-On (SSO) for access to all functions which designed to interface with existing SSOs.
  • PayData has a built-in KIOSK mode of operation.
System Auditing
  • PayData provides all system, operator activity audit information as well as an all-inclusive (all the operator and system steps in the workflow process) timeline of all transactions.
  • PayData is available as Software as a Service (SaaS) for immediate ROI and/or license plus annual maintenance.