To help determine the opportunity you may have to improve ask yourself these basic questions:

  • What is the ratio of manual and automated work? If you have any manual operations or workarounds, we can help!
  • Does your staff experience stress associated with the current operation?
  • Whether you outsource your work or provide outsourcing today, are the exceptions being processed without having to delete them or sending them back? In either case, PayData provides image base exception management system to process them.
  • Do you process all your transactions in one day or do you have carry over? One day processing can almost always be achieved!
  • Could your mail be delivered at a more appropriate time? We work to align delivery to optimize processing time!
  • How satisfied are you with your current software supplier? Our software and service levels are considered “Best-in-Class”!
  • When is the last time your system was updated? If you have not assessed your process in the last few years, you can see immediate results!