PayData Monitors the Quality and Trends of all Scanners in Real-time

CAR/LAR Rates, OCR from Image Rates, Kill Rates, Change of Address (CHADD) Effectiveness, Exceptions, Bad Images, Bad Files, and more…

Increase your scanner options and quality with PayData’s ScanMan

  • Use page scanners and check scanner interchangeably
  • High quality images and quality monitoring is provided for all scanners – Burroughs, Canon CR & DR, CTS, Digital Check, IBML, NCR, OPEX, Panini, TWAIN (Page Scanners) & PayData’s test/demo/training scanner.
  • In addition, no out-sorting is required (e.g. Money Orders due to being too light or too dark) during scanning of any type of document and no kill-logic is used in OPEX Eagles, thereby improving recognition rates and performance on all scanners.